Affordable Amplifiers for Electrophysiology and Nanopores

Product overview

nanoscaleLABS  is a dedicated re-seller of Elements SRL in North America (Canada &  USA). 

Elements provides high accuracy miniaturized current amplifiers  for ion channels and nanopores. ​

​Established in 2013, Elements  is a microelectronics company, specializing in high  accuracy miniaturized instrumentation for nanosensor applications, based  on custom-made CMOS microchips.​

The microelectronic  approach enables low noise, single- and multi-channel acquisition of  very low amplitude signals, with the added benefits of low-cost and  portable instrumentation, best suited for research as well as education.

eONE: Ultra-low noise current amplifiers for nanopore and single-channel electrophysiology applications.

ePATCH: The world’s smallest integrated patch clamp amplifier and data acquisition system for whole-cell and single-channel recordings.

eNPR: A miniaturized reader and flow-cell for Solid State Nanopore experiment and single molecule detection.

BLM-Kit: A compact and complete Lipid Bilayer kit for accurate electrophysiological recordings and teaching activity.

Portable Nanopore Reader with mini flowcell for Solid-State nanopores

Portable Nanopore Reader with mini flowcell for Solid-State nanopores

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